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All the bartender education you could need - From beginner to professional advance your skillset and become a Power Bartender.

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History, Drinks, Dress, Conversation, And of Course the Legal Stuff.

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Do it right from the complex drinks & shots to your need to knows. No censorship.

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Build & refine your skill set, Find where you want to improve. Make more on tips.


June 15th
1PM to 4PM

June 16th
1PM to 4PM

July 13th
1PM to 4PM

July 14th
1PM to 4PM

Aug 10th
6PM to 9PM

Aug 11th
6PM to 9PM

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See what our apprentices say about our interesting, fun & educational courses.

Went in as a shy curious bartender, left confident knowing I can serve a wide array of drinks.

Education is important to anyone in the service industry, even if you are simply trained at a restaurant or learning on your own at home - we keep things interesting and hands on so you are absorbing the correct techniques.


Introduction Class
  • Hands On
  • Pro Tips
  • State Certification
  • Free Bartender Tools
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limited time
$199 Registration
  • Craft Cocktails
  • Build Thile Learning
  • Additional Certifications
  • Field Trips
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April 2016

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